Group Facilitation Services

Our cadre of expert facilitators can provide the following specific group facilitation services for your organization:

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Strategic Planning

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there”…but not very effectively. In today’s challenging economic climate you can’t afford to not have a clear plan which aligns your people and resources to think and respond strategically to changing situations. Strategic planning, when executed effectively, can mean the difference between success, mediocrity, or failure. Which will you choose?

Business Meetings

Our business meetings group facilitation services are carefully customized and structured to fulfill the needs of your meeting planning and process design to more fully maximize your group’s productivity and creativity, assist in designing action plans, mediate potential group conflicts, and keep meeting agendas focused, time efficient, and successful.

Specific training programs to assist your leaders and managers in business meeting facilitation can be found on this page: Meetings and Facilitation training programs

Virtual Meetings

Tired of boring teleconferences and webconferences? Not sure how to get people participating and engaged in your virtual meetings? Virtual meetings are more challenging; however, with the right collaborative tools and expertise, your meetings can become productive, engaging and effective.

Board Development

Board members are often a diverse lot with different needs, experiences, and values. Few boards take the time and effort to clarify roles and responsibilities, create agreements about how they will work together and communicate effectively, or build strong alignment with the organization’s mission and vision. When your organization takes the time to build the board, they save time in creating better and quicker decisions and reducing turnover or unnecessary conflicts. These boards build relationships and synergy and the organization thrives because they are successfully working together.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a normal process of any group, yet most groups either shun it or get embroiled in unnecessary conflicts which can destroy the group or organization. Often a neutral third-party group facilitator can help a group mediate their conflicts and come out stronger and more effective. The next time you find conflicts weighing you down and affecting the groups productivity, call on us to take advantage of our expert group facilitation process for conflict resolution.

Team Building

In today’s world, team building is no longer an option—it is a required skill for an organization to be successful. Often teams get created with little or no training and then they wonder why things aren’t working. We at Collaborative Connections pride ourselves in our knowledge and abilities to build successful teams—this is our passion. Let us share it with your team and help them perform at their highest levels.


“Wow! We really accomplished a lot and had a great time!” Wouldn’t you like your senior management team or board saying that at your next retreat? We custom design your retreat so people are engaged, actively participate, are committed, get results, and have fun.

If you require assistance in determining which group facilitation method would be most appropriate for the challenges your organization currently faces, please give us a call at 303-380-2550, email , or contact us through our website’s contact form.